JØUR, Lydia Liza, Tina Schlieske and Mayda on #METOOMPLS

Still so excited about #MeTooMpls, an album (and movement) to lift the voices of women/ femmes/ trans/ nonbinary folks in Minneapolis, to support sexual assault survivors and to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. CD release happening Sep 24 virtually from the Hook and Ladder.

Today we spoke with Jourdan Myers,  Lydia Liza,  Tina Schlieske and Mayda. Here are the songs they did on the album:

  • Lydia Liza – Apple in my Pocket
  • Jourdan Meyers – Won’t Stop Me Now
  • Tina Schlieske – What Would You Pay (Dear Harvey)
  • Mayda Miller – Oxygen Tank

Tonight I learned that there are safety in numbers so we women/ femmes/ trans/ nonbinary folks need to stick together. And we need to work allies into the fold too. There is some adult language in the interview if you have some sensitive ears around – but sometimes we need it!


We also learned that it’s just fucking stupid – “it” being society and double standards and some men. There was a real recognition that the problem is beyond certain men, it really is our society and culture.

Lydia Liza spoke about Apple in my Pocket as a song about recognizing relationship patterns with the wrong people and almost enjoying the rollercoaster ride often inherent in a bad relationship. She also spoke about her experience this summer, using her voice to talk about past abuse and collecting the names of predators in the music community. So many men asked if they were on the list, she eventually posted a message saying – assume that you are on the list and now try to think what you may have done. There were a lot names but also what a great way to get men (and others) to think long and hard about when they may have crossed the line and to understand the importance and power of consent. And therapy!

Jourdan’s Won’t Stop Me Now is about the power of creating boundaries for yourself in all relationships and using your voice to set them despite having men around who would rather she stay silent. For example, when men make physical contact after seeing her on stage. Pats on the back, hug and grabbing of the hand are unwelcome. She adds that boundaries aren’t there to keep people out; they are there to keep yourself in. To understand and know yourself. Jourdan talked about consent and the importance in all arenas and at all stages. Just because it was yes yesterday doesn’t mean it is today.

Tina talked about the inspiration for her song What Would You Pay – Harvey Weinstein and the experience that women have in the industry that their passion for music gets misconstrued as passion for a man and/or the men who take advantage of the position of power. And that’s juxtaposed with the fact that so many biographies of male musicians have them saying they starting writing to get laid. Some women do too, but there are often more narratives. Tina also spoke as the mother of a boy and a girl and how differently sex education goes for each. Although it sounds like they have made consent a highlight for their son, which is awesome.

We were thankful that Mayda was able to join us while she could. She shared her perspective as a women of color who has endured the fight and struggle both as a women and person of color. Her song Oxygen Tank is about how women (or minorities) live underwater, we are constantly struggling to stay afloat with work, gender, race, music, family and community. It’s a feeling that white males don’t experience. The oxygen tank is something we need to stay alive and it’s something we all share to keep each other alive. The imagery of extreme sharing is powerful. She writes from a place of empathy and a desire to know the enemy, because at the end of the day we all just want to stay alive.

There’s too much to capture here, you’ll have to listen to the interview but I will add the advice each woman would give to her younger self:

  • Tina – Don’t let the egos of men silence you
  • Lydia – Keep your side of the street clean – with a really good fucking stupid broom (will make more sense when you’ve seen the whole interview)
  • Jourdan – There are a lot of asshole out there and you don’t need a single one of them

Maybe my favorite part of the call was watching “younger Jourdan” give advice and a pep talk to “younger Tina”.

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