Harbor and Home full production CD release for Hold On To Love

A big production show is all but unheard of these days but last night Harbor and Home held a CD release party for Hold On To Love at the Town Green Amphitheater in Maple Grove. The space is gorgeous, overlooking a lake at sundown. Once the sun went down the a whole new light show began on stage. It was spectacular. The opened with Follow Me Home, which seemed apt because it felt like they were home with a huge community watching and supporting them.

Their music is uplifting and that is their goal, according to their website, “We are a band dedicated to the sole purpose of being a light in the darkest times of life. Being the hope and the inspiration that gets us through the most difficult of times.” They music is popular with hints of country. They have the enthusiasm and following of a boy band – especially with the high quality lights and sound.

Opening up for them were Saint Harrison and Gabe Douglas (4ontheFloor). Saint Harrison had a swampier sound but again full band reminiscent of some of the anthem bands of the late 1980s. Very fun to see. Gabe opened. He has a powerful voice; his looping highlights the range of his voice. I liked the new songs even more than the one older song he played, which is saying something as I am a big 4ontheFloor fan.

The night was like a mini State Fair with food trucks, music and the hint of fall. It felt like a big family or like the sense of community you might get for the homecoming football game, which was great. The amphitheater is not built for distancing. It’s hard to have live music during a pandemic.

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