Harbor and Home CD release Sep 6 in Maple Grove – virtual and in person

Harbor and Home has waited a year to release Hold Onto Love and they play to make it an event! Yes it’s outdoors, with masks and social distancing so you’ll be safe but they have brought out the big show lights, sound and camera – as well as food trucks and other surprises. (Doors open at 5pm at Twin Green Park in Maple Grove, MN.)

We were glad to catch Kaleb Williams from the band for a chat the morning before the show. As if planning a full production show wasn’t enough, he’s also in the middle of a move. He’s a busy guy. It was great to feel his excitement.

Their hope is to create a real experience centered around music that can bring people together for a night. Let us leave our political and other differences at the door and remember, especially during this tumultuous year, that everything else aside we are all here in the same place. We should enjoy it and each other.

The title song, Hold Onto Love, while written before the pandemic, came to Kaleb as he realized that he was working so much that he was in danger of forgetting what he was working for and what was most important in life. It got him thinking about love, and not just romantic love. It’s a good time to get a reminder that love is forgiving and patient. The song is great. There’s a rocking 70s feel with a championing chorus. In fact, you can see for yourself from their new video, which they are kindly letting us share!

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