Cole Diamond on his latest single People With Real Jobs

Cole Diamond, better known offstage as Ryan Otte, just released a new digital single that is definitely worth a listen. It is old school outlaw music of the 1980s – think Waylon Jennings or Leon Russell. I loved it; reminds me of family road trips with my dad. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Ryan has been playing music since the seventh grade, when his parents tried to sideswipe the drums by giving him a guitar. The loud laugh was on them when he not only bought himself an amped amp but eventually a set of drums. Both have been treating his well. He has played drums with a number of local bands and does vocals and guitar with Cole Diamond.

His musical tastes have changed throughout the years; but he knows the genre well. It was interesting to hear how he seems to develop new music and ideas with a notebook by his side and by playing cover songs. It’s a it’s real workman’s way to getting at the 10,000 hours to perfect a craft but it’s been worth it – at least from the listener’s perspective.

You’ll have to listen to the full interview to learn how Ryan came up with the stage name and about his time cultivating the country perspective growing up in Canby and then Hutchinson. He (and we) are not making any promises but it sounds like there may be some impromptu opportunities to hear his play and you can learn about them by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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