Vicky Emerson and Sarah Morris on Mostly MN Music – Quarantine Dream

Tonight we spoke with Sarah Morris and Vicky Emerson on our seventh installment of our Quarantine Dream series. (Quarantine Dream is an album of Minnesota musicians recording songs during the COVID19 quarantine to support fellow musician, Jessa Roquet (Gambler’s Daughter), who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer about the same the time the quarantine began. (You can – and should- order your copy today!)

Here are the songs they did:

  • Your Face My Day | Ted Hajnasiewicz & Sarah Morris
  • Trouble | Vicky Emerson

Vicky and Sarah are great musicians, good friends of Jessa and are not only dealing with quarantine, they are mothering young children through it. I think the theme for the day and conversation – it’s hard but it’s good.

Both women have solo careers that are complemented with their joint project Home Fires. They were en fuego (pun intended) going into the pandemic with lots of shows, great momentum and show booked months and months in advance. And then the pandemic hit. I can only imagine how difficult that must be – but they are good and they will find a way.

For Vicky there was a creative to the pandemic with writing and performing online but that since summer hit and kids were done with school, she has been on a hiatus. Sarah has been busy with a few shows and involvement in the singer songwriter challenge. But for both the Quarantine Dream was an opportunity to keep connected to colleagues, support a good friend and learn to use some new technology. (Amazingly swift adoption of technology is a quarantine silver lining!)

We talked about Jessa and how giving she is and about her latest album Serotinous Skin. We talked about the power of walking and running for keeping us sane. We talked about the power of a pink snowsuit and big glass of wine and we’re looking forward to seeing Vicky in that snowsuit once the winter comes!

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