Diane Miller (D Mills) on rap, guitar and Fargo North Dakota

Diane Miller (lead from D Mills and the Thrills) hails from Fargo, North Dakota but I think we want to start claiming her as our own in the Twin Cities. She is making her mark and she’s going places! The pace of her lyrical stylings is engagingly rap, she is able to entwine melodies of several genres into her music and it sounds like she has been making the most of COVID by bringing her guitar playing to new places.

Diane came to Minneapolis for the music scene after perhaps outgrowing the opportunities in Fargo. Those are my words, not hers. Looking at her bio, she clearly made the most of her time there but she allows that there are more opportunities for a queer women of color in the Cities. She has been here a short time and made a name for herself as a musician and talent buyer in the area. If there was any doubt she made the right move, her recent McKnight Fellowship should be a sign that she’s on the right track.

It was fun to hear about how Diane has been amping up her guitar over COVID. (Pun intended.) I was equally impressed and envious at someone with that level of dedication. Also fun to hear bits and pieces about the album she is working on. It’s a little slow go with COVID but she recently finished a dark rap track with drummer Greg Schutte. Intriguing! It’s not out yet, but soon and it sounds like a video may not be out of the question. I’m excited for the whole album because Diane can weave so many genres into her rap and it makes for exciting combinations.

She’s working on some singer song writer material as well. Never mind shyness, anxiety and depression, Diane is flourishing despite COVID. She had an exciting spring planned with a residency at the 331 so there are certainly some hardships too but she has made the most of the tools at hand. Later this week (Sep 24) she actually has a show in Moorhead, near her hometown and will then be moving onto some shows in Minot. (Looking for a road trip? This could be a good excuse!)

For out part, we’ll keep an eye out for her new single, future streaming and we’re keeping our finger crossed for a show featuring Diane and her mom at the Icehouse!

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