The Sparks on Mean Streets, Spark Up and collaborating remotely

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a new video by The Sparksthe Mean Streets (also shared below). Today we got to talk to them about it, about them and how making music is different in the COVID world. Actually we got to talk to half of the band: Nathan Walker and Matt Mundinger.

The band started two summers ago, when Nate and Matt were both living in River Falls Wisconsin and going to school in the education program at UWRF. They were in different bands at the time and we learned that Nate poached Matt’s drummer. Rick Snyder, but clearly it’s all worked out in the end. They added Tanner Yocum and were off as a band.

We spoke about their video. Great story telling, and fun to learn that the whole video was premised on Rocky and love the idea of a video with a positive message.

The band has been working on new music via COVID-inspired use of Garage Band to help them collaborate remotely. It sounds like it’s been a boon to their work. It gives every time to soak up the music of the other band members and respond rather than trying to listen and respond in real time. It gives each person time to finesse their contribution before sharing. It’s a method that they think they will bring to the post-COVID world and it’s helping the new album come along. It’s going so well they are actually in the studio now recording. We can’t wait for the new music!

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