New MN Music Video: X-Ray by Moyana Olivia (a call to vote!)

I’m pleased to help unveil this new video my Minnesota’s own Moyana Olivia and featuring Mac Turner. I’m equally excited to say that we are looking forward to talking with her on Sunday…

X-Ray is a song about the civil unrest and blatant racism we are seeing in world; Olivia is primarily focused on what’s happening in the Twin Cities. The lyrics are touching and straightforward. A request to be seen for more than the color of her skin; a request for us all to just get along as she travels around the Twin Cities from the George Floyd Memorial on 38th and Chicago, to the State Capital including what I think are scenes the from the One Minnesota Saturday  events that happened a few times this summer, to walking through ruins on Lakes Street.

Where she lands is a call to vote. That is my favorite part!

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