New single Nossemark by Luutson

Luutson is a new Minnesota band with a new single out called Nossemark. It’s a fast-paced, yet pensive song reminiscent of some of the music of the 1980s. It’s a little techno, a little indie, a little bit dance.

There’s an echoy drone that reminds me of the end of a dance night in the night clubs in London. It’s a little fuzzy but with the drive that will keep you dancing. The explanation of the inspiration of the song from the band sets the mood…

It is full of pure emotion with energy and pace. Digging into the closest relationships we have, and the ones we have lost, then jamming it through a car stereo super loud with our friends – or with tears welled up as we sit alone.

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the band includes Seth Bostrom (vocals, guitars, keys), Tim King (drums), Joe Harrier (bass), & Jake Larson (guitar).

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