Love Vote Rise – poster campaign to Get Out the Vote – want a poster?

Artist Leon Wang is creating a series of posters (LOVE VOTE RISE) to get out the vote. We’re looking for folks to share, distribute, hang and even help fund these posters. Are you interested? Here are the details:

  • There are two sizes 24×36 and 12×18
  • Sanctioned posters only. Get permission and attach to the inside of windows.
  • Focus on high volume spaces and/or spaces to reach people likely to need the message.
  • Hang a poster then snap a social media post #LoveVoteRise

This is a nonpartisan effort. We lift all voices. Voting is the most important civic action we can take right now! I am helping to distribute posters to areas outside of the Twin Cities. Specifically I am looking for

  • People who can transport posters from St Paul to other areas
  • People who can receive and distribute those posters outside of the TCs
  • People who can help hang/distribute posters in the local community

Want to help – please contact me

Learn more about the project:

There is also a light installation piece to the project. Let me (or them) know if you are interested in more info on the light installations.

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