Cornbread Harris CD release and 93 (and a half) birthday party at the Hook & Ladder Oct 22

You only turn 93 and a half once; Cornbread Harris will be celebrating with a concert at the Hook and Ladder, which will be livestreamed at 7pm on October 22. Originally planned for his actual birthday in April, the show coincides with the release of his latest album, Live At the Hook Vol II. (Tickets available!)

The new album has a cornerstone piece, Put the World (Back Together); it was written a few years ago but is exactly what we need to hear right now. Cornbread’s dream is to have the song go international. To have people sing it in their native languages. And then to have them sing it together – perhaps on a worldwide Zoom call like the one we were on. He aligns it with the Day of Pentecost, which in the Bible is the day that Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles of Jesus. Among other things tongues of fire appeared and they could speak in multiple languages. A truly interesting and touching interpretation of what might happen with music today.

Cornbread is a man of faith. Allowing that while he may have come to it gradually, once he did he found that Jesus took him in and served him well. He is also a thoughtful and grateful person.

Chris Mozena, Executive Director from the Hook and Ladder also joined us. Fun to hear about what’s going on at The Hook, we’ll have him on again to hear more about their miraculous recovery located mere feet from the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct building. (Maybe the power of Cornbread’s faith?!) During this conversation it was just fun to see how Chris and Cornbread worked together. There’s clearly a great mutual admiration and appreciation; a symbiotic relationship of someone who needs to sing and play music and someone who has a stage. There’s a deep friendship too.

If you haven’t already, you should look into tickets for the show. After probably 70 years of constant live performances, including twice a week before the pandemic started, this will be Cornbread’s first performance since the COVID shut down. I think it’s going to be a show worth waiting for!

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