MN Music Video: Grown Man by Slamming Doors

Remember when Minnesota was warm and pretty? Here’s a reminder – the Grown Man video by the Slamming Doors.

We learned about the Slamming Doors in August when we spoke with Adam Herman. They had just released four songs from their upcoming album, Brown Bear. Well, it was upcoming in August; it’s out now!

The video is a reprieve from day to day life of 2020. It’s the band, playing in nature. Presumably it’s up near Duluth. It’s not really a field, but it is. If you said this was shot in the Twin Cities, I could bring you to the place – down by the Mississippi in St Paul across from Fort Snelling. And that’s what I love about it. It’s uniquely Minnesotan and it will remind you of a place you know but it might not really be that place. It green and gravelly. It looks warm. But the background hints at rougher times.

The music is soulful. It’s a deceptively upbeat summer sound, with melancholy lyrics.

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