MN Music Video: The Sun Shines On Ruby by Courtney Yasmineh

The Sun Shines On Ruby by Courtney Yasmineh – a sunny song for a dark time.

Who doesn’t like a happy song about sun shine especially when the world has shut down for COVID? I’m not being sarcastic. The upbeat of Courtney’s song is enough to change your mood even if only for the few minutes that it’s playing. It’s about the love of a dog – so I imagine dog lovers will especially enjoy the song. For me it’s the really the tune and tone that I need tonight. There really is a power in music to alter how you feel physiologically until the brain catches up with effect.

There’s also a cartoon video version of the song. The animated version really punctuates the message of the lonely sailor and the importance of a loved animal in your life, which is why people are adopting pets like crazy during the pandemic.


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