MN Music Video: Open Road by Molly Maher, Erik Koskinen, Todd Clouser and more!

I had a different video planned for today and then I saw Molly Maher’s latest video and I had to mention it.

I am a big roller derby fan. When my girls were little we used to catch whole seasons down at the Roy Wilkins. It was/is the only sport we enjoyed. We even went to see derby in Dublin when we lived there. (Truth be told, it was newer there. Quality of skating different but it was a little rougher – we loved it.) So it was the derby that drew me in.

But also I’m a fan of Molly Maher, Erik Koskinen and Todd Clouser. The guitar is pure Koskinen, Todd’s singing in Spanish clearly adds an international flare and then there’s Molly’s guitar and ability to bring a team together. There’s a slow trucker pace that reminds me of country music my dad listened to in the 1970s. There’s also an international vibe, not just in the Spanish singing but in the way the song in played entirely on a plateau – no beginning, no end. It’s not exotic, it’s beyond that, it’s blended and universal.

There’s a fairly amazing lineup in the band with Molly, Erik, Todd and Gabriela Sweet on guitar Todd Clouser, Chris Bates on upright bass guitar, JT Bates on drums, James Tyler O’Neill on organ and Anastasia Ellis on vocals

It feels like a new kind of country genre with a hint of old school disco – punctuated by a bunch of powerful and talented women on skates!

Also worth nothing that this comes out a week after Molly and Todd announce Music Mission, a foundation that supports communities throughout the Americas in creating and sharing their music. I’m hoping this is a little taste of what’s to come by getting more people onto the stage and studio together.

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