Inland Coastal releasing cabin sessions leading up to a Dec 18 album release

After talking and listening to Inland Coastal, we have marked our calendar for December 18 for the release of their upcoming full 12-track album.

Inland Coastal started the way so many good things start in Minnesota – at a casual campfire session! Harrison Black and Grant Wilkins started playing; they liked what they heard and decided to expand. They invited friend of a friend Stevie Frisbie to join as drummer and Matt Lawton on bass. Matt’s path took a different turn, but luckily that happened on a night when Adam Peters was part of a gig line up with them. Timing was perfect. They got to talking and now they are about to release their second album.

Band members share the songwriting. They collaborate when bringing it all together. Everyone has different but overlapping music tastes. Harrison runs Americana, Adam runs to harder music and we hear Stevie can nail a hard core punk drum beat. Everyone (except Stevie) sings. I’m particularly a fan of the vocals on There Aren’t. It’s a great mix and they’re a great team.

Excitement for the newest album is building with the periodic release of sneak previews in the form of the Cabin Sessions shot in Heyward, Wisconsin. Fun to hear what it was like to have four guys (after prepping health-wise) take 12 songs for one week to studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Also fun to hear about some of their DIY work too. And to learn about the advantages of each.

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