Julia Brennan turns Casualty into Pure Love to release EP in January

Julia Brennan lives at the cross street of talent and good luck. She’s released three new songs since summer and is gearing up to release  EP release on January 15.

Listen to her voice, and you’ll hear that Julia is made for pop music. Her voice is clear and strong. There’s a drama to it but hers is a drama of regular life, something that calls us back to our own stories. She says, if it isn’t honest she doesn’t want to do it. Her drama is not manufactured or overdone. It’s relatable.

And “regular life” drama doesn’t mean boring. Julia has hit some fantastic highs and low. She received a random call from someone who discovered her through a picture and a demo tape. And that call turned out to be legit. A broken collarbone diverted her summer before college from a summer of activity to a summer of music promotion, which turned her first pre-week of college into a series of calls with music companies, which in turn altered her path entirely. In retrospect, Julia seems to be in the right place at the right time – but that’s easier to see the wisdom of looking back. These bumps would be scary at the time – but Julia had the fortitude to lean in and the good luck to make things happen and is learning that things happen for a reason. (Good reminder for all of us in 2020!)

Her advice to fellow artists – trust yourself. It doesn’t matter if it might seem overly optimist to ask Dave Ryan to play your song for a “Make My Monday” KDWB feature – he just might do it. And we’re glad he did!

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