Loop Line plans a song a month for 2021

Loop Line, a duo of Luke Slisz and Paul Winkels, pledge to release a new song a month for 2021. They get the ball rolling with The Small Hours.

Tonight we got a chance to talk to half of Loop Line – Luke. But these guys have been playing together for more than 10 years so we feel like we got a pretty full picture. The band has survived Luke’s travels all over the world. In fact. Long before the shut down of 2020, Luke and Paul began collaborating remotely. The rest of the world is just catching up with them. The travel has influenced the music. You can hear a hint of Luke’s time in Japan. Travel and life have also been the cause for some breaks for the band but they are finding their stride with a promise of a song a month in 2021.

The music of Loop Line is interesting and diverse. The songs I like best are like a synthesized version of music I heard as a kid; try to listen to The Small Hours and not hear The Carpenters’ Superstar. It was a space age sound in its time, Loop Line adds a modern twist. There’s more than a hint of the Beach Boys in Christmas in July. It’s new but familiar.

Loop Line seems to love a holiday with their Christmas and Halloween songs. We learned that the Christmas songs are the whisper of a musical movie that at this point rests more in their imagination – and a few released songs – than in the real world. My no-longer-secret hope is that their 2021 songs will put some of that odd rock opera closer to reality. I just love the idea of it and have just heard glimpses of the “plot” it seems to make room for Loop Line’s cross-genre approach to music. It gives me something to look forward to in 2021.

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