Amanda Grace on writing music for herself and others and life with chickens

Amanda Grace is slowly giving us sneak previews of her upcoming album, Please Dear Sun starting with Once Again and Your Arms. We look forward to seeing more.

Amanda has kept to a busy schedule of performing and releasing new music for many years. As she says, she’d love to release two albums a year if nothing stood in her way. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way when you have a house full of kids and a pandemic raging outside. But 2020 has given Amanda the opportunity to approach the release of her upcoming album in a different way as well as to take up new (and renewed) hobbies – from knitting to chickens.

It was fun to learn about Amanda’s song writing, especially the way she writes songs that aren’t for her. It sounds like the songs seem to work through her as much as from her and that often the songs come from a connection with someone around her. Like she subconsciously takes on the worries or joys of the people around her and retells their stories in song. Fascinating!

Finally we talked about art and life in the time of COVID. Amanda talked about how this time is teaching us all to learn resistance to being selfish. And it’s true.

Really final note – Amanda is donating proceeds of sales of music or merchandise on December 14 to Hiawatha Academy Community, hurting after the civil unrest in Minneapolis last summer.

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