Chris and Jamie Holm on their innovative compilation Jamie’s Songs

Chris Holm and Jamie Holm are siblings. They are both musicians. They are working on a project called Jamie’s Songs, which is a compilation of musicians playing covers of Jamie’s songs – some complete, some in iterative form.

Chris and Jamie played together 15 years ago with Hazel Strange and each has played music since. Jamie played with Sick of Sarah. Chris plays with Fattening Frogs, The Looneys as well as solo and collaborative projects. (We’re going to hear more about The Looneys soon!)

Chris was involved in the Quarantine Dream fundraising album to support local musician Jess Roquet (Gambler’s Daughter) as she fights cancer. About the time he was working with Ted Hajnasiewicz on their song for Jessa, Jamie was also diagnosed with cancer. It got him thinking. Maybe there was a different kind of album he could do with Jamie – an album that highlighted her music featuring songs she had written performed by other artists. It was an opportunity to do something together and an opportunity to make sure that Jamie’s music got heard. So that it would be out there for her baby to hear now and in the future.

Chris contacted friends in the music industry to see if they were interested. And they were and are. (And if you’re an artist, who is interested you should contact Chris or Jamie.)

They found and posted demos of Jamie’s work online. Artists check them out to find a match. It’s an innovative approach, especially as we discussed for the Minnesota music scene. In Minnesota, local musicians tend to play their own music. That’s not the case in Nashville, San Francisco and other cities. This is an opportunity for musicians to try it out with a collection of music in varying state of completion. And it comes at a time when musicians increasingly have the tools they need to make it happen in their place of quarantine, often with new quarantine-inspired skills – never mind some quarantine unscheduled hours.

Whether the idea of takes off or not, I think we’re in for a treat in early 2021 when Jamie’s Songs comes out. We talked about finding a way to post the songs demos with the new releases. I hope they find a ways to do that; it will be so interesting to hear the impact of interpretation.

In the meantime, you can get a listen to how the Holm Family sounds together (Chris, Jamie and more) with their recent fun holiday release – Gramma’s Too Small Pajamas.

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