Holiday Videos: Starting with an FU to 2020 from Public in Toronto to raise funds for Mental Health (#EFF2020)

Over the holiday week I’m hoping to post holiday videos from Minnesota musicians or with a Minnesota connection. (Spoiler – there are some really good ones!) But for the first video I had to go off the board to include this awesome video from Public in Toronto that somehow captured the feelings of the world  to promote donations to The Mental Health Coalition.

Here’s the description of the effort from the agency itself…

To make it as big and loud as can be, we’ve created the video to remind people (just in case they forgot) how EFF’d up this year was, along with an opportunity to text 🖕to 1-877-EFF-THIS (1-877-333-8447) to donate $5 to The Mental Health Coalition. For our friends in Canada wishing to send their support to a Canada-specific entity, we encourage making a donation to the Black Health Alliance. Let’s start 2021 off right. …

And now, we invite you to lift a finger for this cause, which we feel–and speak–quite strongly about. Text 🖕 to 1-877-EFF-THIS (1-877-333-8447) to donate $5 to the Mental Health Coalition*, share this video with everyone you know, and join our conversation on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook with #EFF2020. 

I’ve never been prouder to have two daughters studying in Canada. I will miss them this year as they safely stay north of the border – and that’s my biggest reason to say fuck you to 2020!

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