EXCLUSIVE MN Music Holiday Video: Whiskey For Christmas (acoustic) – The Federales

This is the perfect year for an acoustic version of a Whiskey For Christmas by The Federales.

Damn you 2020 for changing everything. And nice one Federales for capturing that change in the most touching way. Normally a song about Whiskey for Christmas is pure fun. There’s a hint of saltiness in the lyrics but the guitar is all honky-tonk and toe tapping and happy. All of that is still true.

But seeing Ben Miller sing Whiskey for Christmas, decked out for the occasion and stationed as we’ve come to see musicians do in 2020, in a room alone was never so poignant. I’m writing this midday – hours before I might even think about whiskey and honestly, I got a little teary. It hit me in a surprising visceral way – just the way good music does!

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