Catbath on new music: enjoy Table Scraps and prepare for a feast

I am psyched for the new (not yet here) Catbath album. Their EP Table Scraps and especially their video for Woozy has whet my appetite and I’m hungry for more!

We spoke with Catbath members, Crystal Stockert, Travis Franklin, Gravey Graves and newest member Danielle Cusack, about their recently released Table Scraps, a compilation of songs that didn’t quite fit previous albums. Some songs are poppy punk songs (Tungsten) , some songs have heavy metal vocals (Gremlin) and another will make you feel Woozy. (Bonus aside, turns out the Woozy video was created after Gravey found the perfect video of the woozy man, which makes me want to scan stock videos myself!) The EP is eclectic in the best way, but then so is Catbath.

They talked about releasing Table Scraps as a way to clear space and give fans something to enjoy during a tough year. Sounds like it was almost a friendly exorcism. Not that they were expelling something unwanted – the songs are great! – but that they needed to make room for music born of 2020.

They have just returned from 9 days in the studio, playing 10 hours a day – with no breaks. They tried to complain but I think they loved it. They committed to the band and the music early in the pandemic. They are each other’s bubble. So while they have not been playing live shows, they have been playing together. Without live shows, they have been able to focus on new music. Travis was inspired and prolific with new songs. Poor Danielle, who joined the band a year ago, prepared by learning all of their music in record time – just in time to have all of the gigs COVID-cancelled. Aside from that, COVID has been an opportunity for them to focus, reflect and create what each has said is their best music so far.

Sounds like their music has become even more eclectic, creeping beyond the alternative of the 90s and punk of the 80s to include the rock sound of the 70s. Each song is personal to them. They became like one mind in the studio – open to trying new things and open to recognizing when they didn’t work. There are stories told in the new music. It’s just been recorded (so not out for a while) but not Catbath’s new album release is on my short list of first shows I want to see when the world opens up again! (Just typing that makes me feel happy.)

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