Admiral Fox creepily prescient and awesome 2020 release Nowhere is Safe

Admiral Fox’s Nowhere is Safe (released in April 2020) sounds like a commentary rather than the accurate prediction of the last year. We had a great time talking about songwriter Dan DeMarco about his ability to tell the future in song.

From pandemic to civil unrest, Dan hits all of the lowlights in the most cathartic collection of 2020.

Sonically, the songs are upbeat punky with an element of noisiness. My favorite is Salamander, which has a Bollywood punk feel. (Be sure to check out the video!) Re-listening to the album today, it was So Proud that hit me hard. It’s a song about the anxiety of deciding whether to have kids in a world that’s so messed up. But on January 9, three days after the insurgent attack at the US Capitol, the line about kids overthrowing the government hit like a hard whiskey.

That is what is so fascinating about Nowhere is Safe – it speaks in detail about experiences and emotions that have played on the main stage of the world in the last year — such as the isolation and being held hostage (Picture of Drones), wondering if you’re a person even if there’s no one around (Lift My Spirits) and the uprising in So Proud. Yet is was all written in 2019, or earlier.

In the making of this album, Dan intentionally moved to focus on political and current events but left in the personal perspective. The result is an intimate connection between the listener and the music because it turns out we’re all feeling that anxiety and loneliness. Cruelly, the isolation keeps us from seeing that we are not alone in our reaction to a crazy world but this album helps us know that we are not alone. It is a deeply personal, yet universal, soundtrack for our time.

It was great meet the man behind the album. To hear the transition that brought him to a grittier sound and broader themes. We spoke a little bit about his upcoming release of a revamp of his 2018 work, Winter in Limbo happening February 5 with an online release show on February 6. It is a more purely personal collection. Dan wanted to improve on his well-received album with all that he’s learned since it was originally released and 2020 gave him that time. That being said, he’s been writing original music too. He joked about calling his next album Anywhere is Safe – just in case we’re in the Twilight Zone and what he says happens.

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  1. Thanks for this great interview! I’m a big fan of Admiral Fox and it’s really interesting to get insight into his creative processes.

    You all did a great job discussing the intersections of music, our personal lives, and politics in our current intensely fraught social and political landscape.


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