Orange Goodness – squeezing joy into music during the pandemic

Orange Goodness has released a single, posted loads of music and educational videos, planned for an EP in 2021 and is working on a score for a musical – all during a pandemic. And as if that isn’t enough – they are having fund while they do it!

Mike Michel, Ian Allison and Reese King have been playing music together and apart for decades. They clearly enjoy each other and together they are on to something that really sparks joy for themselves and the audience. They have had access to space from which to stream live shows while playing together during the pandemic. Mike noted that they play because they have to – the music calls to them. You can see that passion in the performance; the energy is infectious. They are all about the song and they bring their techie indie-groove each performance.

They have plans for an EP, tentatively called Flying Under the Radar of Chaos, about life in 2020. You can look for more info on how to support that effort in March. You can get a flavor of their flavor with their single Dare I Do.

They are also educators. I will never play guitar, bass or drum but their videos are fun to watch. Ian says the key is to teach what you love, which clearly works. They are also working on a collaboration with Collide Theatrical Dance Company on musical called Skol about female Viking warriors. Sounds fascinating and hopefully we’ll be able to see if performed live in the Fall.

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