MN Music Video: Stand Together by ELSKA – releases today!

Do you need a feel-good anthem to set the tone for your day, your year or maybe just get you through Jan 20? Check out ELSKA’s new video Stand Together.

Stand Together is a taste of her upcoming, debut album On the Shoulders of Giants. (You may recognize the song that shares the album’s title from the #METOOMPLS album; we spoke to her in September about that amazing song!)

The song is empowering. The animated video is uplifting. ELSKA’s voice is like a peaceful but powerful call to action.

There are images that remind me of the we’ve used with Women’s March Minnesota juxtaposed with stylized photos from protests. There’s continual movement that highlights the upbeat pace of the song buoys the listener. Then there’s an undercurrent of The Electric Company – a PBS kids’ show from the 1970s. That might be a very specific reference but, like this video, the messages from the show were so important.

We are looking forward to talking to ELSKA soon about the video and her album. I’m amazed at the positivity she was able to eke out of 2020. It gives me hope for 2021.

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