MN Music Video: Infamous Entertainers by Space Hug

Brand new video from a brand new band – it’s Infamous Entertainers by Space Hug.

We got a chance to talk to Space Hug (aka Erik Newman and Adrianne Prettyman) last night about the band, the video and life in a Space Hug. In the spirit of full disclosure, I wrote this post before we spoke. I stand by it – but also invite you to listen to our chat to get the background on the video. You’ll love it even more!

The song is poppy and upbeat. It’s clever and retro futuristic. The mood reminds me of Lily Allen. When we get to tread the dancefloor again, this is a song that will fill it! It’s a send up of the folks who seem to be famous for no reason. The use of mannequins that resemble the band is ironically warming touch. And of course I appreciate the nod to the local establishment, The Chanhassen, whose current line up of shows (optimistic or online?) includes a lot of cover bands. It’s a deep cut warming touch. Maybe something special just for the hometown crowd?


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