Capital Sons release EP Tempest with layers of sound and meaning

Capital Sons are releasing a new EP on Feb 15 called Tempest. But you can get a sneak preview of it today on Bandcamp!!

Tonight we got to speak with all four members of Capital Sons: Karl Obermeyer ( founder, lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Rick Paukert (lead guitar), Keith Raney (bass Guitar and backing vocals) and Mike Jueneman (drums). Their music is layered. Take a songs such as Moderation (off the new EP), which sonically is the farthest things from moderate. It’s full of sounds and an awesome guitar solo, which we learned was recorded in two sittings, one with just Rick, to get that uber rock out vibe. The lyrics relay a lesson about seeking an escape or stop of extreme materialism – a call to moderation.

The bands members are equally layered, each coming to the band with different tastes and skills. It makes the music as rich as it is.

Thematically the album is like a coming of age story or riding out a tempest. The songs hit on personal and societal journeys. Crushed, for example, is about unrequited love. You know those relationships where one person wants the love to continue and the other has already left the room. Yet, in the time of COVID, it can sound like it’s a pandemic introspective “holding on,” even though the song was written years ago. Revolution Road feels like a songs for the era. Rick says the song can read like a war between sounds that culminates into a blend. I can’t wait to listen again for vision!

We also found out that the bandmembers can be quite funny. We had a few moments that ran a little blue – but very funny. I won’t spell them out you’ll have to listen to enjoy the humor of it!


  1. I’ve been following this band for like 6 years and they have really found their sound and their live shows are a blast! Can’t wait ’til the virus thing dies down so I can see them again. Fun band!


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