MN Music Video Concert: Duluth 2021 Homegrown Winter Fiasco

Good news and bad news. Thanks to the pandemic, the Duluth 2021 Homegrown Winter Fiasco was moved online. That means no meeting up, hugs or community beers but that also means Duluth can come to us wherever we are! It’s a cold week and what better way to spend a few hours each night than watching some of the best from Duluth from your cozy couch.

The Homegrown Winter Fiasco is the colder cousin to the summer Homegrown Duluth Music Festival. According to the Festival History

According to the abridged history of Homegrown, generally summarized in a single sentence every year in the festival’s Field Guide: Scott Lunt had five bands play at his 30th birthday party in 1998, then decided to hold a festival in 1999 called Homegrown.

The folklore overlooks some details but it makes the point. It was created to celebrate people and music. The range of music is great – alternative, hip hop, rock It continues to do that – just online for 2020 and 2021.

The festival comes in four installments. You can watch responsibly as you have time or binge!

Music includes Mary Bue, Shadows of Me, the Slamming Doors, Dog Talk, Moriah Skye, Boogeymen, WNDY, and Isolation Band. The music videos are peppered with interviews, including with Melissa La Tour, who we hope to have the show some time soon! Mary and Adam from the Slamming Doors have been on the show before – otherwise some new music for me to check out!

Music includes Beyondbliss, Breanne Marie & the Front Porch Sinners, the Trash Cats, Reflectivore, Sonofmel, P.B&J, Theresa Williams & Victoria Macham and Fenestra Funk. We’re looking forward to having Breanne on the show soon to discuss her new album. Loved seeing the dancing with Reflectivore.

Music includes Zeb or Zeke and the Run Away Screamings, Emily Haavik, Boku Frequency, Lord Montague, Torment, A Band Called Truman and Diegetic. The interview with Zeb or Zeke talking about the parallels to Scooby Doo is a highlight as is the performance by aerialist Suzy Jezierski.

Music includes Lyla Abukhodair, Cities Never Sleep, the Curellis, Hannah Rey, Iron Range Outlaw Brigade, Jen West, Monster Mob, Malec and Fearless Moral Inventory. This seems like an academic comment, but I often get asked so … it’s fun to see the Curelli perform online from different locations. To see that the latency doesn’t get in the way of the art. Also this episode includes a few fun under-the-hood interviews with the people who make the festival happen – online and off!

Special thanks to Perfect Duluth Day for spelling out all of the performers. They always do an amazing day supporting and highlighting the art and artists of Duluth!

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