Jordan Carr on Rail Vodka, Neapolitan Man and Forever Dumb

Jordan Carr has recently released thoughtful solo music (Neapolitan Man) and put out an awesome video (Rail Vodka) since the pandemic began.

Jordan has been playing music most of his life. He plays music that’s fun yet introspective. I wrote about his amazing video Rail Vodka video. It was fun to hear more about it. It’s an amazing call back to 80s hair band video – pyrotechnics and all. It’s also a touching memorial to a friend. (You should see it!) It started with a Kickstarter big win, finding someone who could do the fireworks. Then the winds changes and they lost that person (injury), bad weather set in, the perfect location was sold, then pandemic. Then it all turned around and somehow everything came together again – and more amazingly – no one got hurt! (Maybe Tyler was pulling some strings from above.)

Rail Vodka is the first song off an album that is ready to go but waiting to be release. The frustration of waiting and not playing live music was clear. They are looking for a creative way to release it, which just might be a few more videos or maybe finding a way to play, or waiting until the world opens up.

In the meantime, you can hear see some new solo releases on Jordan’s new 3-song EP, The Neapolitan Man. Jordan recorded from home and partnered with three different producers to complete the process. An exercise in trust to someone who is used to make the decisions. They sound great. There’s a wistful theme in the songs. They are slowed down from his work with his band; mellow and melodic. Jordan has a wealth of material from throughout the years. He spoke of a time early in his life when he was on trial with the possibility of a long incarceration. While it’s hard to wish that on anyone, it seems like it gave him a unique blend of making the most of today, losing control, taking responsibility and sense of humor. Makes for good music!

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