The Cold Casuals share stories from In the Lobby

December 2020, the Cold Casuals released their inaugural EP, In the Lobby. It’s upbeat with hints of gospel and soul.

We enjoyed talking with the members of The Cold Casuals: Wyatt Lawson (Vocals and Guitar), Dylan Breyer (Guitar and Drums) and Charlie Wichmann (Bass). They are focused and disciplined. They set musical goals and they reach them. Even during a pandemic or, in the case of the EP release, maybe because of the pandemic. They are inspiring and their music is uplifting.

They have been playing together for about two years. Charlie and Dylan have known each other since they were kids. They reconnected in the Cities and found Wyatt through their former drummer. (Opportunity notice: they are looking for a drummer and places to play – once it’s safe.) They had been playing for a year before the pandemic hit but played their last show on December 28, 2019. Dylan didn’t even have to think about the date!

They have made the most of their pandemic time. They have been writing new songs. Wyatt is prolific with getting the music started and Charlie and Dylan and ready to collaborate. Their music is refreshing. It’s tight. They did a lot of the production work on the EP themselves, learning a lot in the process and finished it with an Italian mixing/mastering engineer they found on Fiverr, which is an awesome pandemic silver lining! They are working on continually creating and sharing as they go on social media and with YouTube videos so stay connected with their audience and hopefully pick up new listeners.

I look forward to their next single in April!

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