Video Premiere!! sweet Waters by Mama Rose

sweet Waters by Mama Rose is soothing, mesmerizing and says 2020 in a way that no other video does – we are thrilled to premiere the video!

sweet Waters is the single off of Mama Rose’s debut solo project, drink More water. The song is like smooth jazz. Mama Rose has a refined, yet sultry, voice that could wash away the worries like the faucet running in the video.

The video is just over three minutes of someone (presumably Mama Rose) washing her hands. It’s like a video of a fireplace in that while the activity doesn’t change, the action does. Like flowing water, running water is never going to be the same. Unlike much flowing water, the faucet is a control source.

The hands wear rings and bracelets. It’s hard to not imagine the woman who owns the hands and wonder why she continues to wash her hands. It’s particularly poignant after 2020, when many of us were overly focused on washing our hands. We went beyond habit to annoyance but somehow this video brings it back to soothing.

*We spoke to Mama Rose earlier this week and learned from her about the wisdom of water and the process of balancing the masculine do with the feminine receive. Please check out that conversation for a deeper look at the making and meaning of the video – and the album coming up on Feb 26. What I have written about the video here – I wrote before we spoke.

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