MN Music Video: What I Love the Most by Lanue

What I Love the Most by Lanue is a gorgeous video that also a sneak peek to Lanue’s album release happening March 2, 2021.

Just coming out of a 10-day deep freeze in Minnesota, I turn on Lannue’s recent video for What I Love the Most and I am immediately reminded that what I love the most is summer in Minnesota. The video features Sarah Krueger (singer and songwriter) and nature of the Midwest – a field of flowers, a lake, the beach and trees in what looks like the height of summer. There’s a whimsy in the dresses and outfits she wears that balances the honesty of her voice, the music and nature.

It’s deceptively simple, which lifts the layers of the music. The quiet song that says so much like, “Sometimes I spend all my time hating what I love the most.” Sarah’s eyes and expressions throughout the video carry that same idea. It’s not duplicitous, it’s truthful and it’s how many of us feel – about so many things from Midwest weather to ghosts of our past.

Sarah collaborates with a stellar team including JT Bates on drums, Ben Lester Pedal Steel Guitar,  Steve Garrington on bass guitar, Sean Carey Electric on acoustic guitars, synth, and background vocals and Erik Koskinen on guitar.

We hope to talk to Sarah soon about the upcoming album!

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