Arty Ice Sculptures scattered around the Twin Cities – keeping MN cool!

Minnesota winters can be rough but there are rewards. A couple weeks ago that meant a carousel cut into Lake Nokomis – as shown below. This was a fairly impromptu and probably not city-sanctioned activity but it was very cool.

This is the weekend of ice sculptures!

The Minneapolis Institute of Art partnered with Minneapolis Park Board and artist Chris Swarbrick (Ice Occasions Midwest) to create five sculptures based on works from the MIA galleries:

They were unveiled February 19 and will be available until the end of the month, unless they melt before then. They are beautiful. Most had a few other fans taking pictures when we showed up but they weren’t too crowded. Most are located in places where you could take a little walk if you wanted but where a walk isn’t required. We did notice a non-standard tail placement for Your Dog, but otherwise we saw little melting or other degradation in the work. But the temperature may change that come Monday.

There is another series of sculptures happening too – Ice Sculpture Exploration. It’s a partnership between Get Knit events and Minnesota Ice Sculptures. They have partnered with Twin Cities businesses that host (and presumably support) sculptures related to their businesses. There is a map that will lead you to all 38 sculptures and the map includes discounts and special deals at many of the host businesses, which include bars and restaurants. The maps are $19 and I bought mine at Lake Monster Brewing. Their locations include a generous definition of the Twin Cities including Stillwater, Hopkins, White Bear Lake and others in between.

Finally, there was also an outlier. A sculpture that wasn’t part of any program or project. Someone just posted it on the Summit Ave in St Paul. Apparently the city removed it a couple days ago – but an area neighbor invited the artist to display the work in their yard. It’s gorgeous.  Part of my understands the insurance issues with a publicly displayed ice sculpture (or lake carousel) a bigger part of me applauds and thanks the people who ask forgiveness and don’t wait for permission. It seems likely that by the time permission comes – the sun may shine too brightly.


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