Oklahoma Will Never Leave You members Jacob and Justin Sharbono Turn It All Back

Oklahoma Will Never Leave You is releasing a new single (Turn It All Back) on March 5 (2021). We had a great conversation with brothers and bandmembers Jacob and Justin Sharbono about the band, the single and their EP in the making.

I’ve just got to say it, it’s fun to talk to brothers who like working with each other – to see the respect, pride and bond between them. It sets a tone. Feels like that bond expands to the rest of the band as well. Oklahoma Will Never Leave You has been fortunate to have a number of musicians float in and out of the band. Justin explains that the Minneapolis music scene is unique with its collegial feel among musicians and sharing of roles, which is awesome. But the flip side is that a rotating cast can feel like a revolving door and that’s why they have recently cemented their lineup. It allows the band’s connection to deepen.

A year ago, right before the start of the pandemic, the band was ready to work on the new album. Thanks to 2020, they are working on that album now. Jacob says that some of the songs they planned are still there but they have been working on pandemic-inspired songs too, such as Turn It All Back, the new single. Jacob talks about “turning it all back” to the nights we were sneaking out of our bedroom windows – a call back to pre-COVID time and a call back to younger days. Jacob has a wonderful turn of phrase. He spins a story on something simple and specific like sneaking out at night. He finds that by telling his story, he leaves a space for the listener to fill in with their own tales and their own feels. It is an approach that gives the music a universal appeal.

We talked about so much. About the impact of the pandemic on music and life and spending time with family and how doing music during a pandemic might lead to something fun like your the sound of kid playing in the background of your track. We talked about how while the Turf Club is unique, everybody has a Turf club in their heart. We talked about what it’s like to have people around you that you trust and how good it feels to recognize when you’ve done something magnificent work – especially when you’ve done it with your brother.

The longer we talked, the more I can’t wait to hear the new music!

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