New MN Music Video: Revolution Road by Capital Sons

Capital Sons have a video out for Revolution Road on their latest EP, Tempest. (We got a chance to talk to them last month and have been looking forward to the video!)

Revolution Road is a straight up sock song – like you might hear from U2 or Bruce Springsteen. Like you might hear in an arena or at your favorite any-town, music bar on a Saturday night. The video has the same feel with a theme of travel and trains and the band playing live.

Tempest is a coming of age EP. Revolution Road sounds like an anthem – a call to come to Revolution Road, “where ideas won’t get strangled.” But it’s a personal call. There’s a lot going on with the song. There’s a guitar solo that takes the song into a new direction for a minute but then blends into a complex sound that leads the song to a strong finish.

The video is the band playing in front of a video that feels like train moving forward. It’s funny how much movement that gives the video and a sense of travel is a welcome memory during a pandemic. In that way the Revolution Road feels retro and hopeful – someday we’ll be back in our favorite bar seeing Capital Sons sing – and we might even take the train to get there.

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