New Music Video: On the Shoulders of Giants by ELSKA

ELSKA unveiled a video for On the Shoulders of Giants, the title track from her new album coming out March 26 but recorded for the #METOOMPLS album

We spoke to Elsa in September (2020) about the song as part of a conversation with her and other performers from the #METOOMPLS album. It was interesting to hear that the song is inspired by scientists and how each generation of scientist learns more. The message is clear but when talking about sexual assault or event gender discrimination the message becomes rawer. Everyone knows a woman or is a woman who has spoken up and we know that it’s hard but it makes it easier for the next person.

The video is simple and the message is deep. Somehow the video adds a layer of humanizing to an already personal and touching song. It brings the message back to the family focus. It is a societal issue but it starts with family. Some people learn to speak up at home.

We had another opportunity to speak to Elsa about the song for KFAI’s International Women’s Day. Mostly Minnesota Music is hosting a conversation on #METOOMPLS with nine of the performers from the album on KFAI at 10am March 8. Tune in and be sure to check out Elsa’s latest video.

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