Mostly MN Music and #METOOMPLS on KFAI’s International Women’s Day March 8 at 10am (on air & online)

With the help of so many good people and a little luck – Heather and I are hosting a conversation of #METOOMPLS artists as part of KFAI’s International Women’s Day. We’re on at 10am on March 8. (On air and online.)

[Update Mar 5 at 3pm – below is the audio archive of the show]

We had three days to turn it around – and we did with the help of Krista Vilinskis and all of the performers who agreed to talk: Annie Fitzgerald, Tina Schlieske, Sarah Morris, Mary Bue, Mayda, Katy Vernon, JOUR, ELSKA and r0.

As a reminder, #METOOMPLS is an album (and movement) to lift the voices of women/ femmes/ trans/ nonbinary folks in Minneapolis, to support sexual assault survivors and to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. We interviewed all of these artists (and more) last summer when the album came out. Our conversation next week focused on what has been the reaction to their songs from fans, what are their reflections and how has it changed their lives.

Lives have been changed. Conversations have started. A sisterhood has been formed – with an open invitation. So, please pop into to listen if you can. (I’ll post the archive here once available.) Buy an album. Take a minute to lift up a sister!

And be sure to leave the dial where it is. Monica Nilsson hosts a show on Homeless, Healthcare and Haven Housing starting at noon.

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