New Music Video: Watertight by Swallows

Preparing us all for their album release March 19, Swallows are releasing a few videos – most recently it’s Watertight…

We spoke to the band last week. It was interesting to hear how the album came together with an idea, a challenge and everyone working together apart. Several of the bandmembers wrote songs based on an idea and from that idea they spun an amazing concept album. It works really well together but the songs are very different.

Watertight has a steampunk sound. There’s a mechanical clink to the music like the sound of cogs in a machine going round and round. It’s that almost onomatopoeia sound of “slow moving, still water…” drudging into greater depths offset by the perfectly misplaced clink. The video complements the music with quirky vintage video of people making things that look like they’ll never work. It’s very retro space age or picture low budget Wizard of Oz 2.0. It’s captivating.

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