New MN Video: If I Had a Dime by Warren Thomas Fenzi

If I Had a Dime is the latest video by Warren Thomas Fenzi recorded live at the remains of a mushroom growing farm on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN.

I have never been to this spot at the River but I know the St Paul equivalent – the old power plant near the Ford Bridge. It’s familiar and new – as are the feelings that Warren evokes in the song. The idea that maybe something is wrong with me, maybe something is wrong with you. It’s like a summer lasted too long feeling. (Or given the era, the pandemic lasted too long.) Where you can’t put your finger on it but something is different and it’s not the different you wanted. While the video is shot in November there is a summer feel – maybe in the whistling.

It’s a very chill, bitter sweet song. The kind of song that would get you through a bad time.

Credits: Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi (@wtfenzi) Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Colin Loynachan (@colinloynachan)Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at “The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN Mastered by Eri Martin(@ejmarti) Photographed by Josh Hild (@joshhild) Illustrations by Anabel Johnson(@anabel.johnson)Designed by Alex Munro(@munrovideo)Warren Thomas Fenzi: electric guitar, vocals, organ and electronic drum programming Colin Loynachan: electric guitar Leng Moua(@leng.moua): bass guitar Brett Bjornrud (@brettbjornrud): drums and percussion

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