Brian Reidinger on balance of QuetheSun and In the Groove

By day, Brian Reidinger runs In the Groove Music, a successful business creating commercial music; at night he plays drums and much more. He has recently released a new album, Black and White, as a project of QUEtheSUN.

OK, it’s not really a night and day divide but it sounds like Brain strikes an enviable balance between his work in the music industry and life as a music artist. Not bad for a kid who decided at age 11, while watching Deep Purple on TV, that music was his thing and he was for music.

Brian has a lot of great stories and some solid lessons for musicians, business owners and the rest of us as well. He mentioned a movie, Touching the Void, about the survival of two mountain climbers, one who makes it down the mountain one decision at a time. It sounds like that’s the way Brian lives. It’s how he has grown his business, made connections and you can hear the theme of transition to success in many of the songs off Black and White.

He started QUEtheSUN after his business grew to a point where he shifted more into management than writing music. He challenged himself to write 10 songs. There were no rules, no judgement – the only goal is to keep going. He brought in former bandmate, Mark Woerpel (from Warp Drive) who is turn brought in vocalist, Mark Westlund and a number of other colleagues to the project.

My favorite song is Methadone; I like the movement from almost ambient to heavy metal. I’ve never tried methadone but it seems like the movement emulates what methadone might feel like. Brian explained that he too doesn’t have firsthand experience but that he liked the idea of methadone as a way to get off heroine but also wanted to remind the listener that methadone, can become just as addictive. It’s a matter of recognizing that at the end of the day it’s about decision and knowing that you have a good relationship with yourself.

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