MN New Video: Famine Months by Greta Ruth

Today Greta Ruth released a the latest video from her album, The Fawn. Enjoy Famine Months.

We spoke to Greta a few weeks ago about her music and the new album and the role of nature and seasons in her music. Famine Months is a winter song and a winter video. I am watching it mid-March in Minnesota with a temperature of 53 degrees and I hate to say it but the video makes me vaguely nostalgic for winter even though there is a sadness about it.

The video features Greta in the cityscape, the urban wilderness, a car and in nature. She’s alone. It’s shot in black and white. There are shots with hoar frost, which is always haunting and shots with a frozen Mississippi, which is always quietly awe inspiring. Incredible that the cold could stop the flow of water, which itself is such a powerful force. There’s a feel of kinetic energy – we’re in a famine month but there’s life under the surface. The video aligns with the lyrics in an incredible and eerie way:

and all the world is white and iced
so nothing lives and nothing dies
and it’s too cold to shape with naked hands

and I am dark and fleeting
in the backseat

As a quick reminder, Greta has a livestream coming up with Brandon Wozniak on April 24.

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