Greta Ruth on her latest release The Fawn

Greta Ruth released her latest experimental folk album, The Fawn in January. She has a livestream coming up with Brandon Wozniak on April 24. We got to speak to her tonight.

Last summer we got a chance to check our Greta’s work with her video for Night Gets Cold. It was great to listen to her new album and to get a chance to talk with her about it. Greta’s work has a classical feel to it. There’s a movement to the songs that evokes an emotion. The collection as presented tells a story that parallels the seasons changing from winter to spring, a lightening after a dark lifeless time.

Greta describes herself as an introvert who sings quietly and plays softly and if you listen carefully you can hear something interesting. And it’s definitely worth a quiet listen. She named her album The Fawn in part because of love of fawns and sound of the word but also because it represents a part of her. She explained that we all know about the flight or fight reflex but two more responses have been added – freeze or fawn. Fawning being the reaction of trying to win someone over. Greta is a quiet soul, who wants the people around her to be happy. That’s a good thing but it can be a bad thing as well. The album and that song in particular about speak to that duality.

The album is vaguely spiritual, strongly natural, unique and, in the end, soothing.

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