New Music Video: Something Sacred by LANUE

Easter feels like a good day to have a musical break to listen and watch Lanue ’s latest video – Something Sacred.

We spoke to Sarah Kruger about her new project a few weeks ago and about the seasonal nature of her latest album. There’s something inherently Midwestern about a video of a woman in coat by the water with snowflakes in her fair than makes me think of spring. Or maybe there’s something inherently Midwestern about me. Or maybe it’s the pale brightness in the pink coat and green jeans and the day that’s in it while I watch.

The music is gentle and literally with the lyrics implores the listener to quiet your mind. The imagery is in part gentle with Sarah playing on the beach, the waves coming in and out and a cat. And then there are glimpses of traffic or explosions, reminders of the reasons we need to quiet our mind. The distractions are almost subliminal because the music is so gentle. It’s speaks to the calming power of music and this song in particular.

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