Shawn Stelton releases Blue Skies – a series of love songs

Shawn Stelton released Blue Skies on March 5. Sonically it will lift your mood – lyrically it’s a series of love songs that are sweet but not saccharine and not all about romantic love.

We got to speak with Shawn (and Daryll Yankee) last summer about their chapter of  Quarantine Dream, a unique collaboration of Minnesota musicians to benefit for Jessa Roquet (aka Gambler’s Daughter) as she battles cancer. Tonight we spoke with Shawn and his bandmembers Kevin Combs (bass) and Kevin Brueske (drums).

The music is upbeat and inspires happiness. I listened to it today and was lifted immediately. Talking to this trio I can see why. They are good at what they do but even better they work well together – as you can hear in their amazing harmonies. They lift each other up. Kevin started playing with Shawn at a gig when the (previous) band suddenly needed a drummer. (Insert Spinal Tap joke here.) And they have been playing for 14 years.  Chris and Shawn have been sharing a love of The Beatles since high school. So when Chris took up the bass nine years ago things naturally progressed.

They started this album in 2019. They performed for the last time together in the studio January 2020. But they held onto the new album until the time was right. You can mark your calendar to see them live on July 22 in St Louis Park at the Open Mic series. Until then, enjoy the album and listen in on our fun conversation that ranged from the perils of 2020, kids and the joys of Strat-o-matic baseball!

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