New MN Music Video: Gemini by Izzy Cruz

Gemini is a new video by Izzy Cruz. It showcases a great voice, a vision and the natural beauty of Northern Minnesota.

The video is a collage of video scenarios. There’s singing and chilling on the shores of Lake Superior, a dancing duo and closeups of the various performers. The song is sultry and soulful with movements that pivot to an entirely new direction is a refreshing way. The various scenarios suit the changeups and sway of the music. The special effects, which intensify throughout the song, add another dimension that feels like a internal voyage that ends before the song ends. The song/video end on a denouement that comes back to the shore and slowly fades out.

This is a great introduction to Izzy, a young multi-instrumentalist who has been playing since the age of 8. While I’m always a sucker for a video that features Minnesota, the dancing in this video really struck me. There’s something intriguing about the dance and the dancers.

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