New MN Music Video: Did You Ever Really Go? by John Magnuson

Did You Ever Really Go? by John Magnuson is the best Claymation video I have seen in a while and it takes me back to when Claymation was de rigueur for my media intake.

The music is great; the video is engaging. (Directed, filmed and edited by Ilia Stockert.) The action includes John singing in a cabin. The detail is incredible, starting with clay John plugging in the amp and the pictures on the wall. Then the video follows the action outside the cabin where it gets a little a little trippy when a cannon ball shot from a cannon finds its way into the river, turns into a fish that gets caught by a bear who loses it to a cemetery and then multiplies and turns into a Busby Berkeley dance of the mini cannons.

The song is country-old-school-rock-n-roll. The video is charming. If you want to read into the lyrics and the action, you could hear at the question, did you ever really go? And see the answer in a lump of clay that transforms into so many things, yet never really leaves.

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