Orchid Eaton’s Where All Ends Meets releases tomorrow – it deep, poppy and soothing

Orchid Eaton’s second album (Where All Ends Meet) is releasing tomorrow (April 23, 2021) – order now and they will donate a portion to Appetite for Change and you will get a great album!

Orchid Eaton is the duo project of Matt Leavitt and Brian Moen. Tonight we got to speak with Matt about the project and the latest album. Sonically it embraces the poppy psychedelia of the 1970; lyrically it offers the opportunity for catharsis that we need in 2021. It uplifting, quirky and comforting.

Said Just Right is the first song on the album. It is a repetition of one line – Everything is going to work out alright. With a backdrop of  a trippy, airy feel that somehow hits the subcortex or the gut or some part of your being in a way that is immediately soothing. It is an tonic to the world that we are in right now. The video will transport you to another place. It’s a video from the woods in Eau Claire, Wisconsin editing to add colors with an algorithm. It’s organic, yet has that plastic feel of the 1960s and 1970s.

Talking to Matt brought me to a greater understanding of the album in the best way. C-L is a song about children and passing of time and playing game with kids, specifically Chutes and Ladders. But it’s also a song about decision making based on the inherent choices of chutes or ladders and the realization that there may be other choices that aren’t as obvious. Also (more in the last song on the album Wrong Wrong) there’s a recognition that you will make good decisions and bad decisions but you will be you and you love and be loved either way.

It’s not an absolution of responsibility but an acceptance that we are not our best of worst choices. We are our whole story. It’s a deep album that is easy to listen to.

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