GOWNS on being vulnerable in art and tough on the streets of civil unrest

GOWNS have recently released a few singles, and a bonus, they come with videos. They are just about done with an upcoming album and we’re looking forward to their next video! (We plan to share that when we can!)

Last time we spoke to the gentlemen of GOWNS was late February 2020. They were getting ready for the Mill City Rock Off and we were still fairly oblivious or at least hopeful about COVID19 and social injustice and civil unrest were not on the front pages of the newspapers. What a difference a year makes!

Today we got to catch up with all of the members: John Blair, Evan Willie, Zach and Bryan Stanley to talk about their latest singles and life living on the frontlines in Minneapolis. As with most bands, their lives changed dramatically with the pandemic. They moved into the studio, they worked on video but perhaps the most important thing they did was to take time to talk about the administrative side of music business and about their ethos as a band. They decided to create music that that is honest, that tells their stories with specificity that touches the listener and to support each other and the community. We spoke about that means in terms of showing up in various ways for the community – including the frontlines of protests in the last year.

Talking about their working relationship they said, they got along because, “no one ever says no.” They are encouraging of each other and work to build, and at times modify, but not to stifle each other. Zach told an intriguing story of creation of Imaginary Number. It starts with his scary experience with seizures and learning to deal with the seizures and the anxiety about the seizures. It is, as he said, a call to praying. As personal as the song is, it feels like they workshopped it together. Zach started with an idea, John expanded it, Evan came up with an anti-rift and Bryan built on that. But really it was the mutual support that struck us, which expands, to support of the community.

We look forward to seeing them playing in person, the upcoming album and the upcoming video, which was inspired by Alleygators.

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