NEW MN Music Video: I Miss You by Kiss the Tiger

The sweetest song and most tear-inspiring COVID video award goes to I Miss You by Kiss the Tiger

The tune is mellow-rocking, but the lyrics are a clear anthem of 2020 – “I miss you and you miss me and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

The animator (Eleonore Dendy) captures the raw emotion of missing people we love in the last year in small gestures and facial expressions of a cartoon bird. Pretend you’re a mom and two of your kids in college in Canada, behind a closed border and you haven’t seen them since Christmas 2019. Or a bird whose chick has flown beyond the nest. You miss the easy times you took for granted when you were here and they were here – always.

This video takes a step beyond where I’m prepared to go – because while separation has been accelerated in the last year for many of us, it is a natural progression toward the inevitable. It’s sad but the tune is soothing and there’s some comfort in knowing that I miss you and you miss me.

We look forward to talking to Kiss the Tiger later this month about this song and the whole new album (Vicious Kid) coming up on June 3.

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