D’Lakes is delightful with Unforgettable Cheer coming out June 11

D’lakes has a new single (City Boats) releasing May 14 and a full album (Unforgettable Cheer) coming out June 11. Their music is indie glam pop that will make you smile and dance – guaranteed.

We spoke with Drew Kellum and Elizabeth Roddy, two members of the seven-member band d’Lakes. Their music is smart and accessible, because they are. It was a delight to talk to them about pointillism, music theory, love of pop music, Prince and interesting places to see music, such as the Weisman Art Museum, which is where our paths first crossed but didn’t meet.

Their music is unabashedly pop but it is carefully composed. Drew compares their music to pointillism, or seeking out beauty through a magnifying glass. He does it lyrically and sonically by starting with a very specific point (image or sound) and moving the glass closer and farther from the image to get different perspectives. There’s both an art and a science to it. In the music of d’Lakes the music is composed, but Drew also improvises music. Either way, there is a purpose and a calculation to each sound, reverb and counter sound. Elizabeth (with an MA in Art History) points out the by getting specific, the songs tap into a nostalgia that we can all get into – especially now.

We also spoke about the importance of music (and support music through tools such as Patreon) and dreaming about a time when we can be together dancing and enjoying the sort of audience engagement that is essential in their performances. Also – and we have it on record – Heather and I are on the docket for honorary band members in position of funmakers!

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